Madison Mackley

Madison grew up in the small town of Winona, KS, where she learned many things at a young age – where to not stand around animals, how to pick yourself back up when you fall off your bike, and certain times of the year meant you didn’t get to see your dad as much. Madison has always had a love for agriculture, but that really took off on the way to a wheat field one summer harvest when her uncle and dad asked, ‘So, what are your plans after graduation?Have you looked into agriculture?”, and after a major change and class change later, the rest is history.

Madison graduated from the greatest university in the Midwest, Kansas State University, with a
Bachelor’s degree in Agronomy and a minor in Animal Science and Industry. In May 2018, Madison moved back to northwest Kansas to be the Agriculture and Natural Resources Extension Agent in Thomas County. She worked with area farmers and ranchers, as well as the county 4-H kids throughout her time in Extension. In September 2019, Madison left Extension to work full time on her family’s farm.

Countless hours in a combine cab, bumpy rides through the pastures feeding cattle, and many
karaoke sessions in a tractor cab while planting corn is how Madison spent some of her time
working on the farm. In July 2020, Madison joined the team as the Farm Director for the Kansas
Farm and Ranch Radio Network. Madison is living the best of both worlds being able to share
agriculture news and stories while still working on the farm herself. This is Madison’s first
experience being on-air, but her extensive knowledge of agriculture should serve her and the
listeners well. In her free time, you can find Madison playing (or napping) with her two dogs,
taking her niece and nephews on adventures, or in the middle of a field somewhere.