COLBY, Kan. – With the new calving season just around the corner, K-State Research and Extension will host calving schools in two locations in NW Kansas, with a focus on challenges producers can face during this critical period.

“Handling Calving Difficulties” features Robert Mortimer, DVM, emeritus professor of clinical sciences at Colorado State University’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital. A specialist in bovine reproduction, obstetrics, and nutrition, he will address such topics as: signs of calving; differentiating between normal and abnormal calving; and how to manage a difficult birth.

Gregg Hanzlicek, beef cattle veterinarian with K-State Veterinary Diagnostic Lab, will speak on neonatal health, scours prevention and colostrum management.

“Producers have a significant investment to get each cow to a full term pregnancy.  Losing calves at or near birth is an economic loss but can be a personal loss too and leave producers asking themselves “what if” type questions on how they might have saved a particular calf.,” said Sandy Johnson, extension beef specialist based at K-State’s Northwest Research Extension Center in Colby. “Continued sharpening of our skills when it comes to saving calves is time well spent for anyone that calves cows”

The first meeting will be in St. Francis on Jan. 7th at 6 pm CT at the Cheyenne Co 4-H Building, RSVP to the St. Francis office at 785-332-3171 by Dec. 31st.  On Jan. 8th, the program will be in Colby, at 6 pm CT at the Thomas Co. 4-H Building, RSVP to the Colby office by Jan. 3.  You can also register online at .

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Financial support for the program is being provided by MultiMin and the K-State Veterinary Diagnostic Lab. There is no cost to participate but those wishing to attend are asked to RSVP by Dec. 31 to the appropriate local office so we can plan for adequate meals and materials.