Kansas Congressmen Dr. Roger Marshall (1st District) and Ron Estes (4th District) each issued a statement Tuesday afternoon in response to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s announcement of formal impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump.

Statement from Rep. Roger Marshall (R) – Great Bend

“The Democrats are running a circus. Even before he assumed office, Democrats have been clamoring for an opportunity to impeach President Trump.

Witch hunt after witch hunt continue to prove that Nancy Pelosi and her party never had any intention to work with this Administration on passing meaningful legislation that would benefit the American people. Instead, they continue to play deranged political games.

Now, the leaders of the Democratic Party have decided to further subject the American people to this sideshow by announcing they will officially be launching an impeachment inquiry into the President.

I have no doubt some of my colleagues on the other side of the aisle will seize this opportunity to produce some made for TV soundbites, but Republicans will not be deterred from doing the work that really matters, like securing our border, passing USMCA, and lowering the cost of health care.”

Statement from Rep. Ron Estes (R) – Wichita

“Even before seeing a transcript, Speaker Pelosi has decided to surrender to the most radical voices in her party by moving forward with an impeachment inquiry over reports of a phone call between President Trump and the leader of Ukraine. While the president has vowed to release a full transcript, which I look forward to reviewing, I believe starting an impeachment inquiry today is irresponsible and will only succeed in further dividing the American people. Since the day after the 2016 election, Democrats have vowed to impeach President Trump and have since spent more than two years searching for a reason to do it. Instead of impeachment, Congress should focus on priorities like the USMCA and accomplishing results for the American people.”