PLAINVILLE, Kan. — Area cattle producers went to the Plainville Livestock Commission on February 5th just like any other sale day. What should have been a typical day, turned out to be a nightmare for over 40 producers.

Kansas Farm and Ranch Radio was able to speak with Derek Stockman of Kirwin, Kansas. Stockman was one of the producers who sold their cattle at Plainville Livestock Commission. Instead of an almost $37,000 pay day for the sale of his 41 heifers, Stockman was met with a shocking call from his bank with the news that the check had bounced.

“It’s not a phone call anyone would want to have.” Stockman said.

Use the player below to hear the conversation with Stockman.

According to the Hays Post, Almena Bank froze the accounts belonging to Plainville Livestock and on March 1st. They also report that this isn’t the first time that the sale barn has run into problems with citations in 2014 and 2015. On top of that, the U.S. District Attorney filed another case against Plainville Livestock Commission in July 2018 for not maintaining funds in their custodial account.

Producers affected are still expected to pay all costs associated with running their operation, even though they didn’t get a paycheck. Stockman told KFRR, “”I still have to pay [my loans]. It’s not like they go away.”

Stockman went to Social Media to air his grievances, causing a stir of attention.

When asked about the reaction on social media Stockman said, “A lot of people are shocked. Their not sure how this could even happen. I’m not sure how it could even happen.”