The following was written by Jeanne Falk Jones, the K-State Multi-County Agronomist for Cheyenne, Sherman and Wallace Counties.

With the wet and drizzly weather today, many folks are wondering about how close the wheat rust diseases are getting to us. Here are the latest leaf rust and stripe rust maps.



Barton and Ness Counties were the last two counties added to this map.  They were added today (Monday).  So, as you can tell the rust diseases continue to move north across the state.

Folks in southwest and south central Kansas are to the point of making decisions on fungicide applications, as their wheat is at the boot and heading stages. Humid and warm conditions have been conducive to rust development in those areas.  We are not to that point in northwest Kansas, although we need to be on the lookout for both stripe rust and leaf rust.  I looked at wheat a bit on Friday and today.  Flag leaves can be found when you look at the largest stems on the wheat plant.  However, they are just starting to unroll and there is still a bit of stem elongation to occur.  The rest of the stems are not quite that far along in development.

Here is a publication for identifying rust diseases in wheat:

Here is a publication on the resistance/susceptibility of wheat varieties:

(page 18-19 is the summary table for varieties)

If you suspect that you have found rust in your wheat, please let me know.  Or if you are unsure about what you are finding in your wheat, grab a sample and I will try to identify it for you!  If you have any questions, please let me know!

Jeanne Falk Jones can be contacted at (785) 462-6281 or by emailing [email protected]